Why Call Me Your #1 Travel Resource?

Personalized Leisure and Business Travel Services

As your travel consultant I recognize that your travel ideas and needs are unique. I take the time to understand your goals and translate them into your own custom designed travel experience. It is my goal to show you how you can “travel better” when we team up on your next trip.

Added Value

With my experience, growing knowledge of travel products, responsible travel principles and travel industry relationships I can match your vacation or business objectives to travel packages, amenities and specials that you won’t find online, to help you get the most value for your travel budget. Less than 50% of all travel products are listed consumer websites. The rest are only available through travel agents. As a Home-based agent with Montrose Travel I have access to hundreds of suppliers, at every price point and serving every conceivable travel desire.

I am your #1 Travel Resource!

There are hundreds of details that go into every trip. Online shopping can be confusing and very time consuming. I believe in Old World Values and New World Tools. Guided by integrity it will be your objectives that direct recommendation not commissions. Utilizing the top tools of the trade you will be delighted with the ease of planning and booking that saves you valuable time, adds value and eliminates the issues that cause stress.
My travel industry affiliations allow me to draw on decades of expertise from our in-house support team and more than 400 Montrose Travel agents who specialize in leisure, corporate and group travel in addition to connections with the best global partners in the travel industry including: airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, spas, plus popular and off-the-beaten track destinations worldwide, at all price points. I am your ticket to exclusive travel offers not available to consumers plus information on how to be a responsible traveler in respect to the communities you visit and the environment. You’ll have access to my insider tips and advice, while I handle all of the arrangements so you can focus on enjoying your getaway.

Peace of Mind

I am your Travel Advocate! If things go wrong during your trip, such as flight interruptions, weather or travel advisories, you can rely on me to be available to help. Additionally I also offer a wide variety of intelligent Travel Insurance options to protect your travel investment.

Dedication to being a Travel Professional

Travel is my passion and my business. I’ve been an agent in training for decades and this year took it to the next level with in-depth education and joining the Montrose Travel family. My first-hand travel experiences, education, and ongoing training with tourism boards, land/air/cruise suppliers, resorts, lodging , adventure companies and other travel companies has prepared me to make sure your vacation turns out better than imagined, every time.