Old Prairie RV Campsite

In Myakka River State Park , you can live in nature and explore the wonders of the Florida wilderness. From the 86 species of birds that call this park home, to the abundance of gators and other wildlife, there is always something new to discover. Take a hike or a bike ride along the trails, go boating on the waterways, or just sit back and watch the clouds pass by. You can also take a tour of the park with a knowledgeable ranger who will be happy to share their insights about the local ecosystem and its inhabitants. With plenty of clean bathrooms and hot showers, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the great outdoors. So come on down and experience the adventure and beauty of RV camping in Florida at Myakka River State Park – you won’t regret it!

Sunrise and Sunset provide excellent Birdwatching

There are typically the iconic elements that make a campground desirable. At Myakka River State Park, it is clearly the abundance wildlife, ample bicycling and hiking trails plus plenty of waterways to enjoy boating and comfortable campgrounds.

It is also worth noting those smaller details that make camp life more enjoyable.
Typically it is clean bath houses and hot showers. Both of which are assured at Myakka. Of course, the cleanliness is up to the volunteers who exchange their labor for extended stays in these wondrous natural areas. Their campground hosts are bathroom cleaning ninjas. Never to be seen but you know they were there.


Biking, hiking, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, birding, camping, horseback riding, Cabins, RV & Tent camping, Laundry, Outpost, Pets allowed, Playground, Interpretive exhibits, 30+ miles of nature trails, Boat ramp


Palmetto Ridge – 50-amp electrical and sewage hookups; gravel pads; vegetation buffers

Old Prairie – 50-amp electrical; sandy pads; no vegetation buffers

Big Flats-50-amp electrical; sandy pads; no vegetation buffers  

Slipping silently from the muddy shores a GIANT bull-gator swam intently towards where we were sitting with Bella, enjoying the breeze and view at Alligator Point in the park. The next 10 minutes were one of the most aggressive standoffs I’ve ever experienced with wildlife. Stationing himself no more than 10 ft. from the river’s edge he locked his gaze on our precious 24 lb. mini goldendoodle. Despite the fact that we were 35 ft from the river’s edge, I took the hint, picked up Bella and moved far far away. All the while keeping my eye on him as he eyed us. Of course I have a few pictures.

Use Caution – Abundant Alligator population can be dangerous for pets and people

Alligators are not joke and Myakka River SP is overridden with Bull-gators. Our 20 plus minute time with Ranger Matte Cade enlighted us about the situation. He shared that the park has a long-term plan to “cull” some of the giants because the ecosystem is unbalanced due to their overabundant numbers. He went into great detail how the park manages flora, fauna, water systems and more.

Dwell in awareness
Operate with concern
Visit Myakka River State Park

A Smattering of Myakka’s Abundant Wildlife