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Travel to Live, Love and Learn.

Live Big and Gift yourself Experiences that will Change your Perceptions and will Change your LIFE!

Explore the places and cultures that call you.  Take a break from routine. Step into new worlds filled with sights, sounds and aromas; embrace the slightly familiar or shockingly new. Travel is a wide awake dream, an invitation to Live, Love and Learn as we explore the vastness of our world, landscapes, cultures, plants, animals, textures, colors, architecture, cuisines, religions, stories, arts and crafts, an endless multitude of creations and sensations.  Through these explorations inhale the deeper connections with other lands, new people and yourself.


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Floyd, VA’s First Travel Agency

Rose of the Winds Travel, Floyd County Virginia’s first travel agency, launched mid-2015 to help travelers create great journeys. As the owner, I am dedicated to providing clients with the BEST travel experience for the BEST value.  Our services include leisure and business travel planning and purchasing of all travel products including: air and land transportation, customized itineraries, all types of group travel and vacation packages, cruises, resorts, destination weddings, honeymoon packages, Voluntourism, educational travel and more!  Travelers will benefit from personalized, professional and knowledgeable attention. My goal is to be your #1 travel resource.

Global Travel Network

My travel network is global.  As an affiliate of Outside Agents, I have received top-notch training; access to hundreds of suppliers who are reliable at every price point, unbiased and first-hand information from hundreds of travel colleagues about any destinations or travel questions.  Montrose has over 50 years in the business and a company culture devoted to a deeply supportive, family-focused environment plus their top national standing in the Travel industry.  These qualities plus my belief in Old World Values and New World Tools makes Rose of the Winds Travel and Montrose perfect travel companions!

Travel with Assurance

The Worldwide Web has opened the world to travelers for better and worse. With so many options on the internet travel planning is typically confusing, very time consuming and supplier promises hit or miss. Rose of the Winds Travel delivers devoted, personalized services with the assurance that your travel plans are well arranged for the trip that offers real connections with people, places, and cultures. Whether for pleasure, education, business or group travel; land, sea, and air:


I’ve got the World at my Fingertips-Ready to help you travel.

Jody Rose Franko

I am a passionate red-headed Leo who loves big, works hard, digs deep into projects and values kindness and integrity. I collect interests.  My first devotion was nature; playing outdoors at the beach and in the Blue Ridge mountains which led me to study horticulture at VA Tech and tissue culture in Israel.  Coming home the long way from Israel through Europe kicked off what has become decades of exploration in the States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. From the onset I realized that by challenging myself through delving into new experiences and cultures I found deeper connections with the greater realities and mysteries of our complex world and with myself.

Obsessively Organized

My professional career has centered on business and community development utilizing primarily my creative nature and organizational skills.  After years of being the de facto travel adviser for my friends, family and colleagues I made it official and joined Montrose Travel and became a bonafide travel agent.  Travel consulting combines my love of seeing the world with my compulsive organizational condition, otherwise known as organizational skills.

Experienced World Traveler

With my husband and children, family and friends I’ve shared many fine adventures! I am ready to help you plan your memory-making, perception expanding journeys that will influence you from beginning to forever.

I'm ready to help you travel well.