People wonder why working with a Travel Advisor/Agent such a myself versus online suppliers like Expedia or retailers like Costco makes sense. Our trade organization American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) says it well.

“Finding the ‘best price’ is not the same as finding the ‘best value.’ What a good travel advisor will do is find the price and service combination that best meets the traveler’s needs and wants.”
ASTA also pointed out travel advisors’ unique ability to be in their clients’ corner when things go wrong.
“An advisor’s focus on ‘duty of care’ – helping safeguard travelers from harm and keeping them informed when things go wrong – is priceless,” ASTA said. “What do you do if you find yourself amid a horrific storm (or worse)? Who is there to rebook your flights, cancel or rebook your hotel reservations, provide you with new options smartly and expeditiously? Your travel advisor. You cannot buy that sort of peace of mind in bulk at Costco.”

I take very seriously my clients' travel hopes, safety, satisfaction, value received and budgets. When folks are shopping for the cheapest deal, I've learned that I am not what they need. I love sharing my R&D skills, creativity, enthusiasm for travel and access to insider travel truths and products not available to the public.

June will mark 4 years since I applied for my SCC license and began my travel training. Can’t believe all of the familiar and exotic places my clients have visited. Our Small Group Adventures have hosted 9 international journeys. It’s been about learning, geography, business, flights, destinations, resorts, vaccinations, regulations, safety and tourism pros and cons plus professional and interpersonal relationships. Thanks to everyone who has traveled with me. My moto still holds true…Connections in Every Direction. I’m ready to make your travel dreams come true. Call me.